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Please contact Chris Ricardi at 207 926-3721 or if you would like to volunteer for some time slots!

It is illegal to transport ANY aquatic plant, native or non-native, on the outside of a vehicle, boat, trailer or equipment. Violations may result in fines up to $500, and $2,500 for subsequent violations (MRSA Title 38, Section 419-C). 


Launching a boat carrying invasive aquatic plants, as defined in MRSA 38 Section 410-N, carries a more serious fine of between $500 and $5,000 (MRSA Title 12, Section 13068-A).

What We Do:

Courtesy Boat Inspections


Each year SDLA applies for and receives a grant from Maine's Department of Environmental Protection to place courtesy boat inspectors at the Outlet Beach boat ramp, during weekends and holidays, to monitor boats coming into the lake from bringing in invasive plants or animals. 


Because milfoil and other invasive plants and animals are increasingly showing up in surrounding lakes, this program is an important step in preventing invasive species from entering Sabbathday Lake.


All motorized watercraft on inland waters must display the lake and river protection sticker ("Preserve Maine Waters" sticker).  Failure to display the appropriate sticker can result in a fine. MRSA Title 12, Sections 13056 and 13058.  Learn More Here.

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