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Live Plant Identification Workshop in New Gloucester, July 16

In partnership with LSM

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What We Do:

Invasive Plant Patrol

SDLA has an active Invasive Plant Patrol (IPP) that surveys the lake for Milfoil and other invasive plants.   The goal is to quickly find any invasive plants that may enter the lake and get rid of them before they spread.  


Thanks to the leadership of Mike Cloutier and a team of SDLA volunteers, a Level III survey (all shallow areas of the lake) has been completed and no invasive plants have been identified - yet. 


In 2014 the SDLA received an award from the Maine Volunteer Lakes Association as the outstanding IPP program of the year in Maine.


If you have questions about IPP efforts at Sabbathday Lake or are interested in joining the Association's IPP and volunteering to help with lake surveys, you may contact Mike Cloutier at (207) 926-5096 (summer residence phone number only).  

Or send us a message here.

Maine's 11 Most UNWANTED

Invasive Aquatic Plants*

Confirmed in Maine

Not Yet Reported in Maine

Note to gardeners and aquarium owners:  There are many alternate names for these invasive plants!

* According to Maine's Department of Environmental Protection, it is now illegal to sell, propagate, or introduce into Maine waters these eleven invasive aquatic plants.


These plants are aggressive growers!  If they are introduced into our freshwaters they will become a serious nuisance - and cost property owners and taxpayers thousands of dollars to rid our waters of these plants.  In some communities, property values have suffered, too.


Fortunately, NONE of these invasive plants have been detected in Sabbathday Lake - and we want to keep it that way!


To see where invasive plants are located near us - CLICK HERE

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