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What We Do:  Conservation Education



Teaching landowners and other community members about good watershed conservation practices is one of the most important things we do as an organization. 


The SDLA provides educational materials and information to our members and the residents in the community that describe important things residents can do to protect the watershed and water quality. 


In the past we have had public outreach volunteers at the New Gloucester Community Fair and set up a display at the NG Public Library with lake conservation educational material. 


Educational materials with ideas on controlling erosion on shorefront properties are available on request by contacting

Chris Ricardi at (207) 926-3721.  

Useful Information for Landowners:

The SDLA is committed to assisting landowners maintain their property to comply with Federal, State and local environmental laws and guidelines.  Check out the links below:

Manuals and Guides to Reduce Water Pollution - Maine Department of Environmental Protection

Water Quality - Maine Department of Environmental Protection

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