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Water Quality Reports

Annual studies provide data on the long term trends in water quality of the lake.  The data are entered into the Volunteer Lakes Monitoring Program (VLMP) database, which stores water quality testing data from all participating lakes in Maine.  


SDLA publishes newsletters twice each year (Spring and Fall editions) to provide Association members with information on a wide range of topics related to Sabbathday Lake and upcoming Association events.

2009 Sabbathday Lake Watershed Survey

Our volunteers have worked in conjunction with the Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MEDEP) to complete Sabbathday Lake watershed surveys in 1996 and 2009. 


Watershed surveys identify areas of concern where soil erosion or other activities might contribute nutrients or other forms of pollution. 


The SDLA works with the Town of New Gloucester and property owners regarding steps that may be taked to mediate or prevent erosion runoff in order to protect the Lake.  One of our SDLA Board Members is also a member of the New Gloucester Environmental Resource Committee.

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